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Loyalty cards campaigns

julio 25, 2018
live loyalty campaigns software

So, you may have realized that this blog post is not in Spanish. Yeah, this wont happen anymore. I just want to tell the world how loyalty card campaigns rewarded my costumers and me.

I’ve been helping a few retailers and convenience stores to drive traffic to store. And they discovered me a whole new world: Marketing and sales. They were running a software that made me freak out. It was a cloud based software which helps  them and is developed by a very famous company in Norway, which operates worldwide in a lot and different ways: Liquid Barcodes

Loyalty rewards

So, what is a loyalty reward, or a loyalty campaign? As I previously said, it is just the way to drive costumers to your store. It doesn’t matter if it is a coffee shop, food store, or a car wash. Liquid Barcodes can drive traffic to your store with low effort and great results. Why?

Addictive games

You can create a bunch of games to send to your costumers, via SMS, email, or even within your own APP on Android or iOS mobile systems. Why are games important? Well, the way Liquid Barcodes handle games is quite impressive. They have managed to create a handy set of games which includes wheel of fortunes, slot machines, scratchcards among others. This games can be send daily to each client and they can win free coupons, as a discounts or free items. This just a way to increase sales and traffic in your store. Yes, games can drive traffic to your store, and increase loyalty, as they will comeback to your application day by day, which will retain them longer and longer. I’ve been told that more games are on the way.

Loyalty programs

So what if you could offer discounts to your most regular costumers without any effort? You can create loyalty cards. Think on them as old paper cards that were used to give you a free coffee or a half price coffee every the 5th one. Is it cool, isn’t it? But is even cooler when you can work with them even via your own phone application. Buy a coffee, let the costumer show his code in the phone and scan the code. It will automatically add a new stamp on their loyalty card!

Costumer feedback

What if you could have a bit of feedback from your costumer with a few steps done in the Liquid Barcodes application? You can create with ease a few surveys and reward them with free stuff or discounts once they completed the survey.

Other interesting features

They are not only offering a great coupons system, nice games, easy surveys or loyalty programs. They offer a tons of features that would made you crazy. If you want to check them just visit this link: How to drive traffic to store.

They are also offering a nice set of blog articles, where they describe and help to promote your business. One of the most curious one is one about Push notifications best practices in which they took as a real example one of their costumer in india, Mother Dairy. They explain how they achieved a success in their sales.

Who is using this application?

Many big retailers are using their business strategic, and it is a matter of time to see how more and more medium and small retailers accomplish their goals by using this amazing software.

  • Seven eleven
  • Shell
  • Narvesen
  • Subway
  • Coca-Cola
  • RedBull
  • Valora
  • Mother dairy
  • And many, many more.

This is the list of Who uses Liquid Barcodes services. Also they provide a very good app push notifications best practices that you should consider when starting your marketing campaign.

¡Gracias por leernos!

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